STM News

Happy Belated Birthday to Joe Clavey, Cooper Hannagan, Jimmy Henderson and Stephen Paceley. 


Scholastic Bowl members, please meet in the Chapel immediately after school today, Thursday, January 26.  Father will lead us in prayer before we head out for our meet at Monticello.


Chess Club will meet Thursday, January 26 at 3:15 pm in Mr. Sumitro’s room, #216.


STM Music After-school Band Club, P.M. (“Play More”).  P.M. will meet on Thursday, January 26 from 3:05-4:00 PM in the music room. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Lee for questions.


Friday, January 27, is a Saber Day!  Students may wear a Saber Spirit top, school bottoms, and tennis shoes.


Salvete Omnes, Latin Club will meet Friday, January 27, at 7:30 am in room 106.  There will be candy.  Bring a friend.


Join us today, Friday, January 18, for Cornerstone Board Game Café.  We will meet every Friday from 3:10 to 4:10 pm in the library.  Come learn some *New* Board games, sip some tea or coffee, eat a snack, and have tons of fun!