STM News

Hello STM, this is Yooouuuurrrr think about it Thursday.  A husband and wife have 5 sons.  Each son has 2 sisters.  Each sister has 3 hamsters.  How many hamsters are there?  Answer:  6!  Since each son has 2 sisters then there are exactly 2 sisters (the same 2 sisters for each son).  Did ya things about it?   Brought to you by the dastardly Mister Ree.

Want to buy the perfect gift for your friends?  Purchase candy canes decorated as reindeer during lunch this week for 50 cents for one or three for $1.00.  They will be distributed at the House Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 15 along with a short note if you’d like.  Merry Christmas. 

Good Luck to our Madrigal performers tonight for the return of our Madrigal Feast.

Friday, December 10 is a Saber Day!  Students may wear a Saber Spirit top, school bottoms, and tennis shoes.

Attention SHH/Spanish Club Members:  We will meet after school on Friday, December 10 to work on piñatas. 

Girls Bible Study will meet in the chapel at 3:15 pm on Friday, December 10.  All ladies are welcome and encouraged to come.  If you can, please bring a Bible.  We hope to see you there.