"It is the intent of the Pastors' Board that no qualified Catholic student should be denied an education at The High School of Saint Thomas More because of lack of financial resources. As a consequence, the parishes of the Champaign Vicariate have made generous financial assistance funds available to children of their parishioners." --STM Student Handbook


The High School of Saint Thomas More’s belief that Catholic education is the commitment and responsibility of the parents leads to our goal of providing financial aid for families who are in most in need. There are several external ways to obtain tuition assistance toward attending The High School of Saint Thomas More. If further assistance is needed, STM encourages families to reach out to the school for help in providing a Catholic education.

Step 1: Financial Assistance Determination
All families seeking assistance must complete the FACTS Application with the deadline of March 13, 2021.

Step 2: Parish Support

The parishes of the Champaign Vicariate generously provide financial assistance from their parish budgets. To be considered for assistance, a family must be registered and in good standing with a parish in the Champaign Vicariate. After completing the application process with FACTS, applicants will meet with their pastor to determine the final amount of assistance by June 1. It is necessary that families submit a new application for each school year, regardless of this year’s application result. STM and your parish are committed to making sure every student who wants a Catholic high school education receives one.

Non-Catholic families are encouraged to reach out to their church and meet with the STM Finance Director, Becky Knoblauch, rknoblauch@hs-stm.org or call 217.352.7210, if seeking tuition assistance.

A. Complete FACTS Grant & Aid Application online and upload all required documentation by March 15.

B. After recommendation from FACTS, families will meet with their Pastor to discuss tuition assistance.

C. Meet your parish requirements: To be considered a "family in good standing" for purposes of financial assistance, the Pastors may look to the following criteria:

  1. The family is an active registered parishioner of the parish. Sunday Mass attendance will be discussed.

  2. The family is actively supporting the parish with its time, talents, and treasures.

  3. The family completes all parts to the application for financial assistance by the deadline.

Step 3: STM Scholarship Opportunities 

Incoming students and families are encouraged to apply for the Empower Illinois Scholarship and the Diocesan Spalding Scholarship. These are the only scholarship opportunities available for incoming students and families.

Current students and families may additionally for scholarships detailed here.

Each family’s case is individually considered.