The Saint Thomas More Board

22-23 School Board Members

The Consultative School Board of The High School of Saint Thomas More (hereafter referred to as “the  Board”), in collaboration with the Diocese of Peoria and under the oversight of the Office of Catholic Schools, is established to assist the school community in its essential mission of educating young people and passing on the Catholic faith and its traditions to its students. The Board is particularly charged with providing direction and guidance to school leadership to ensure the quality, continuity, and stability of the school. 

2022-2023 STM Consultative Board

Barb Kuhl - Chair

St. Matthew

Rush Record - Vice-Chair

St. Matthew

Hallie Sharp '06 - Secretary

Holy Cross

Kyle Emkes

St. Matthew

Paul Hergenrother

St. Matthew

Robert "Bob" Plecki

Holy Cross

Christy Schurter

St. Malachy

John Powers

Holy Cross

Janet Murray

Holy Cross

Rose Hoffman

Holy Cross

David Ayers

St. Matthew

Mark Dixon

St. Matthew

Tom Franey

Holy Cross

Dan Hennessey

St. Thomas

Fr. Joseph Donton - Ex officio

Pastor - Holy Cross

Fr. Joel Phelps - Ex officio

Pastor - St. Malachy

Vicar Forane - Champaign Vicariate

Sr. M. Bridget Martin, FSGM - Principal - Ex officio

Anthony Corapi - COO - Ex officio

Fr. Andru O'Brien - School Chaplain

To contact the Board, please email