Dear Parents,

I wanted to give you an update on how we are handling lunch.

  1. The gym will be set up mainly for cold lunch students. This will allow us to serve the hot lunch students in the cafeteria while controlling the total number of students in the cafeteria area. The cold lunch students will be allowed to purchase chips, drinks, etc. And if needed the hot lunch students may have to be seated in the gym. The students will be eating at a desk ( in the gym and cafeteria) to help in the social distancing guidelines.
  2. While in line the students will follow mask and social distancing guidelines. The kitchen staff will also be wearing masks and as always, gloves. There will be an enter and exit only for the serving line.
  3. The eating area will be sanitized after each lunch period.
  4. The hot lunch will almost always be in a to go box. There may be a meal served on the regular green tray but the guidelines will be followed at all times. I am going to try to make all hot lunches priced at $5. The lunch will include the main entree and sides. Doing it this way will eliminate the possibility of cross contamination and make the serving line more efficient. There will be a la carte items available. There will be chips, salad, muffins, and a few more choices but the choices have been streamlined for efficiency. The menu will be posted weekly on the website.
  5. EVERYTHING will be handed to the student including pre packaged silverware, drinks, and condiments. Once the student has the item in their hand we will not be allowed to take it back according to the Public Health Department. This means if a student receives a fruit cup but changes their mind and wants a fruit snack, they will be charged for both items.
  6. We will be CASHLESS. This means the student MUST have a positive lunch account balance to make any purchases.
  7. There is a new system in place for checking out the student. In the past the parent could only see a charge but the new system will show what the student purchased.

I ask for your patience while we are making this new transaction. We will do our best to make lunch run as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for your cooperation.


Pam Wilhelm

Director of Food Services