Living the Faith Hours and Service Hours

Living the Faith Hours and Service Hours (LFH&SH), allows the students to put their faith into practice through volunteer work in the community. In this way, students come to understand that they can encounter Jesus Christ not only in the Scriptures and the Liturgy, but also, for instance, in the elderly, the sick, and the poor. In addition, the program challenges students to learn about their community and its needs while awakening in them a sense of responsibility for spreading the Gospel. There is a rich diversity of parish and community service opportunities in the Champaign-Urbana area to accommodate the interests and gifts of all students.

What is the purpose of Living the Faith?

The ultimate purpose of these hours of service is to help students realize that their faith should not be confined to the church or chapel but should permeate every aspect of their lives such that faith becomes the guiding principle of every action. Living the Faith is one way in which this objective is measured.

What exactly is expected of the student?

Before students can be eligible to graduate, they must demonstrate a living faith by documenting 150 hours of service (20 hours as a Freshman, 30 hours as a Sophomore, and 50 hours as both a Junior and Senior). Transfer students are usually required to perform a lesser amount and should consult with the chaplain.

How are Living the Faith Hours and Service Hours counted?

While there are many different examples of how we are called to live the Faith and serve our neighbors, the purpose of these hours is to help each student to begin to live his or her faith daily. The following table does not exhaust the opportunities in the Champaign-Urbana community, but is meant to serve as an example of how hours will be counted.

Each student’s total LFH&SH may be comprised of any combination of the three columns or solely from Living the Faith Hours column. [*Below are some examples of how a student can earn and not a comprehensive list.]
Living the Faith HoursService Hours (@STM)*Total Hours cannot exceed 15-hours/yearService Hours (in the Community)*Total hours cannot exceed 20-hours/year
Spiritual / Corporal Work of MercyManaging a sports teamVolunteering at Community events
Campus Ministry [March for Life, LOGOS, etc.]Assisting with the Music and Theater DepartmentVolunteering in Community businesses
Parish Apostolates / CU-YouthAssisting with extracurricularsVolunteering at Sports Camps (i.e. FCA Day Camp)

How are these hours to be documented?

The documenting of LFH&SH has changed. Whereas in previous years students would submit a form to the chaplain and then the students' hours would be inputted into the STM computer system, students will no longer need to submit forms. Paper forms, however, for students turning in LFH&SH will be accepted until August 30, 2020.

As of June 1, 2020, each student will receive the instructions for documenting LFH&SH in the app Mobile Serve. In making this move, the documentation of LFH&SH is paperless. Mobile Serve makes submitting hours more convenient for our students. It is accessible online and on mobile devices. Each student will have their own account to track their progress.

*For current students, you received an email from Mobile Serve early June (~June 6th) to create your profile. Please see that email for instructions to create your profile. [Here is the website: https://app.mobileserve.com/login/?next=/ ]

**For new students or incoming freshmen once you receive your office school email from STM, you can create your profile. Please wait until you receive an email from Mobile Serve to create your profile.

Service Hours Recommendations