The High School of Saint Thomas More

What happens with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, and Easter Breaks?

Students, Families, Teachers, and Staff would still be able to enjoy these breaks throughout the school year along with “smaller” breaks at the end of each trimester.

When do students take finals?

At the conclusion of each trimester, students take a final over the material covered in that trimester.

When would the school year start & end?

The school year would begin and end no more than a week earlier or later than the current start and end date.

What is a Trimester Schedule?

The Trimester School Schedule is made of three ~ 60 school day semesters.

How long are classes?

Each class would be ~ 63 minutes long allowing for more in-depth learning, discussion, and differentiated instruction.

Trimester Information

The High School of Saint Thomas More
Schedule improvement at a Glance

Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, STM will be going towards a trimester class schedule. Our mission as a Catholic School is to have everything we do centered around our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As we have already begun to implement our Family House System, this new class schedule will allow us to live out our mission even more.

How many classes do students take?

Each day students will take 5 classes.

How does this affect study hall?

Each day there would be a one hour “Saber Block” that would be ½ House and ½ Study Time. That study time would allow students to meet with teachers & staff for a variety of reasons, work in groups, group/club meetings, and individual study time.