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TODAY’S NEWS for November 20, 2019


Happy Birthday to Mr. Martin.


Skiddly-dee, skiddly-doo, come to Art Club to get your STM Art Club t-shirts or purchase one for $10.


The STM Chess tournament has been rescheduled to February 1 to accommodate our visiting Chess Master.  Please sign up on Mr. Tuhy’s door.  There is no entry fee, but students are asked to sign up in advance to that we can determine the amount of equipment needed.  The tournament will be four rounds (1st round starts at 9:00 am, check in by 8:30 am) and the awards ceremony should be finished by 5:00 pm.  1st prize is $150, 2nd prize is $75, 3rd prize is $25. 

The STM Chess Club game of Month for October was My Le Hoang vs Eric Olson, both students will receive a $10 prize.  Games have to be recorded and given to Mr. Tuhy to be eligible for Game of the Month.  Ms. My Le Hoang still hangs on to the top spot on the ladder with Philip Fisk #2 and newcomer Robbie Darr at #3.  Mr. Tuhy’s bounty is still open with the first player to beat him in a formal game to get a $25 gift card from Mr. Iding, $10 for the first player to get a draw. 

Donors from the Chicago Board of Trade are sponsoring an STM Blitz Tournament.  This tournament will be held during Chess Club meetings, and will be a double elimination tournament – 2 minute games with a 2 second delay.  The winner will receive a $50 prize, no prize for second place.  The winner of this tournament will also be the 1st top spot on the Blitz Ladder.  Sign up for the Blitz Tournament ends November 25.  Chess nerds around the school unite!  Be kings instead of pawns. 






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