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The High School of Saint Thomas More

The Theology Department of STM attempts to form students in the understanding and practice of the
Catholic Christian Faith by teaching them the foundations of biblical, doctrinal, and moral knowledge.
The Freshman and Sophomore years are devoted to the study of the Bible while the Junior year is
devoted to the history and theology of the Church. The Senior year is dedicated to the study of moral
and ethical questions in which students write a capstone project related to their future life. In each year, time is set aside to study human sexuality from a Catholic moral perspective, known popularly as the Theology of the Body. Understanding the liturgy (Mass) of the Church is also a part of every year’s study.
In addition to the content of theology, students gain valuable experience in the use of oral and written communication as well as growth in higher cognitive skills. Such fluency in thinking is essential for their work at the collegiate level. In the end, however, the theology teachers at STM desire their students not only to know about God but to know God.


Fr. Bolek

Dr. Ken Howell

​Sr. Bridget