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The High School of Saint Thomas More

Q: Where will this retreat take place?
 A: One aspect of the retreat is to remove one from his/her typical environment. The retreat will be held at the Nazareth Retreat House, a retreat center for the Diocese of Peoria right outside Henry.

Q: What are the room arrangements?
A: All participants, including faculty chaperones, will be staying at the retreat center in gender separated wings.  The rooms are double-occupancy and the room assignments will be announced upon arrival.

Q: How much does the retreat cost? 
A: The retreat fee is $175 per participant. This fee covers lodging, meals, transportation, and materials. If you have concerns about the cost of the retreat, please contact Srta. Race.  Cost should not prevent any student from attending!  

Q: Can participants bring/use watches, cell phones, or electronic devices? 
A: NO! The purpose of this retreat is to discover and deepen one's relationship with God...without distractions! All electric devices and watches will be collected and stored in a safe location for the duration of the retreat. This is not meant to interfere with the participant's ability to check in at home; rather, it is to ensure total participation. In the case of an emergency, the participant can be reached at the number(s) provided on the permission form.

Q: Fine. What about homework or reading material?
A: NO! No distractions. There will be plenty of reading material to reflect on during the retreat.

Q: Does the participant need to be Catholic? 
A: No; this retreat is aimed at gaining a stronger connection with God. However, the retreat is based on Catholic theology and traditions (including Scripture, the Incarnation, Sacraments, etc.), so the participant must be open to this perspective.  In fact, there are student leaders who aren't Catholic.

Q: What about the participant’s medical needs? 
A:  Participants with medical needs (i.e. severe allergies) must discuss these needs with Srta. Race upon registration so appropriate accommodations can be made.

Q: Why is this retreat so secretive? 
A: One of the best parts of this retreat is the constant surprises. Don't anticipate- just participate! The secrets allow the participants to just enjoy the ride without preconceived notion. The secretive nature of this retreat also allows for a strong bond among the LOGOS family – we think you’ll agree by the conclusion of the retreat! 

Q: What should be brought on the retreat? 

A: Because this retreat is overnight, it will be necessary to pack normal items intended for overnight trips. Comfortable clothes, toiletries, and any necessary items are to be brought by the participant. This retreat center provides beds, bed sheets, and pillows. Although towels are available, it is recommended that each participant brings his/her own. If an extra pillow or blanket is preferred, it is acceptable for him/her to bring it along. Check the complete packing list for details.


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